Frequently Asked Questions

You are most welcome to share your experience with us. Please contact us via phone, email, or live chat. Your feedback is much appreciated because it will allow us to improve our services.

Union Limousine respects your right to privacy and uses extreme caution when processing your personal information. Your information will be used solely to confirm your reservation and/or to respond to questions about your service experience. Your personal information will never be sold or given to a third party. As a data processor, we collect your personal information and store it on servers certified by ISO 27001 within the European Economic Area (EEA). All client data submitted by you as a data processor is stored on secure, password-protected servers within the EEA. Should any of our GDPR-compliant service providers process your personal information while performing services for you outside of the EEA, your information and the transfer are protected under the EU-US Privacy Shield framework. For additional information, please see our Privacy Policy page.

For sedans and business vans/SUVs:

If the service is canceled up to 24 hours before the collection time, there is no cancellation fee. If the service is canceled less than 24 hours before the pickup time, the cancellation fee is 100% of the agreed-upon value for the booked service.

For minibuses and coaches:

If the service is canceled up to 5 days before the pickup time, there is no cancellation fee. If the service is canceled between five and three days before the pickup time, a cancellation fee of 50% of the agreed-upon amount for the reserved service will be levied. If the service is canceled less than three days before the pickup time, the cancellation fee is 100% of the agreed-upon value for the booked service.

For all types of vehicles:

In the event of a cancellation or rescheduling when the driver is already en route to the pickup location and/or with less than an hour until the start of the journey, the entire amount will be charged. If the distance or number of hours traveled is less than what was originally planned, the fee remains unchanged. Short-term changes cannot be assured.


The hourly service covers a distance of 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) during each reserved hour. A four-hour service, for example, covers 80 kilometers (49.7 miles).

No. Your complimentary waiting period begins at the time of your scheduled pickup, regardless of how early the chauffeur arrives. When making a reservation, add the name of your airplane, train, or ship so that your chauffeur can monitor your arrival time and reschedule the pickup if you arrive late or early.

There is a cost for unplanned waiting time.

Yes, each additional stop incurs a cost.

Because we are concerned about your safety, we strongly advise you not to exceed the maximum luggage allowance given for each car. If you are traveling with more than the permissible quantity of luggage, make sure you reserve a car large enough, or numerous vehicles, to transport all of your products without exceeding the allowable amount of luggage. Our chauffeurs reserve the right to deny service based on the amount of extra luggage. Excess baggage may also result in further charges. Please contact us if you have any doubts concerning the vehicle`s maximum luggage capacity; we will gladly assist you.

When obtaining a quote, check the box labeled "Need a stop," put the stops in the "Special request or additional service information" column, or just email us. If you need to make many or extended stops, we strongly recommend arranging an hourly service to ensure the chauffeur is available. An hourly service allows for as many stops as are required.

To make changes to your current bookings, please call our office at (718) 514-9881 or send an email to [email protected]. Changes stops, or services that differ from what was initially arranged may incur additional expenses. Please keep in mind that Union Limousine cannot guarantee last-minute changes. Any changes, additional stops, or services that differ from the initial booked service should not be contacted by the designated chauffeur. Contact our Customer Care Team instead. You may change the initially scheduled service without contacting our office; in this event, we will not be held liable for any inconvenience or additional expenditures you may suffer. Following the service, we will either send you an updated invoice with the new service details or provide you with a payment link for any additional service costs.

Cars are no longer permitted to park and pick up passengers at the majority of cruise terminals due to security concerns. As soon as you step off the plane, take your luggage downstairs and look for the name board that the Union Limousine driver is carrying in the designated pickup area. Please include the correct ship name while making the appointment so that our chauffeurs can observe the ship dock.

All of our chauffeurs have received the necessary training and are licensed and insured by local legislation. Another way we ensure that our chauffeurs meet our high standards and specifications is through our Quality Assurance Program. It consists of dependability, safety, a polished appearance, linguistic fluency, and friendliness.

Our drivers are fluent in both English and the language of the country where they are delivering service.

If you do not see your chauffeur, please call our headquarters at +1 (718) 514-9881. Our customer service team is accessible around the clock to assist you and is always aware of the vehicle`s position.

The day before your pickup, you will receive an email with the chauffeur`s name and phone number. If required, you can contact the driver directly, but we strongly recommend contacting our office at +1 (718) 514-9881 so that our Customer Care Team can assist you immediately soon.

One day before the pickup, you will receive an email with the chauffeur`s name and phone number. If you booked for someone else, the chauffeur`s contact information will be emailed to the email address you provided during the booking process.

Our chauffeurs are always dispatched on time and arrive at the pickup location at least 10 minutes before the time mentioned in your appointment. Even with traffic monitoring and travel advice, unexpected delays can occur. In these cases, a member of our customer service team will contact you to provide you with an update on the chauffeur`s whereabouts. If you do not see our driver, please contact our office immediately at (718) 514-9881.

The information you provided when making your reservation determines your rate. Changes to your service during your journey, such as extra stops, waiting periods, or service lengthening, may attract additional expenses. If you do not believe you received any additional services, please contact our Customer Care Team at [email protected] or +1 (718) 514-9881 to examine your costs.

Each monthly invoice must be paid in full via bank transfer to our account.

If you wish to be invoiced every month, please contact us at [email protected]. Only corporate clients have the option of monthly billing. If you have a monthly invoice set up, your invoices for the full month will be sent out during the first three working days of each month.

After completing the payment process, you will receive your payment receipt via email.

Your payment card will be charged after the service is completed. We will pre-authorize your credit card after you make your reservation to reserve the funds. Your credit card has not been charged as of yet. This custom is followed by both hotels and car rental companies. If you cancel for free, your credit card will not be charged; the authorization will be instantly reversed.

To use our services, you must make a deposit. The service is reserved the moment payment is received.

There are various possible explanations, such as insufficient funds in your bank account or on your credit card, inaccurate billing information entered, an expired credit card, and so on. However, for more information, please email [email protected] or call +1 (718) 514-9881.

All taxes, tips, and other fees are included in the advertised rate, which is always per car. The number of passengers does not affect the price.

All major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) are accepted. A bank transfer is another method of payment. We do not take cash payments. Furthermore, business customers can request monthly invoices rather than paying for individual journeys. Send an email to [email protected] for additional information.

We send email confirmations of your reservations immediately after you complete your part of the booking procedure.

Make an online reservation at least 24 hours before your scheduled transportation service to ensure availability. When booking a service over the phone, a minimum of four hours` notice is required.

You can book our transportation service in a variety of ways, so choose the one that works best for you. You can make bookings for yourself or others by utilizing the website www.unionlimousine.com, email [email protected], phone +1 (718) 514-9881, or chat (available in the lower left corner of our website).

You can schedule, change, or cancel your service by emailing [email protected], though you can also call or use live chat. Please keep in mind that only our Customer Care personnel may organize and authorize any change, cancellation, additional stops, or service that differs from the one that was originally scheduled. Any changes, cancellations, extra stops, or services other than those originally booked should not be communicated to the authorized chauffeur. We shall not be held liable for any inconvenience or additional fees if you change the initially planned service without first informing our office.

You can contact our customer service team by phone at +1 (718) 514-9881, email at [email protected], or live chat on our website.

No, smoking is not permitted in our vehicles. This includes the usage of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, and any tobacco or non-tobacco goods associated with smoking. If this rule is broken, there may be further costs.

Yes, owners may carry their small pets on their laps or in carriers. The pet carrier is payable.

We prohibit the consumption of food while providing our service since keeping the hygiene of the cars is critical. Only with authorization and in line with local legislation may alcoholic beverages be drunk in the car. If food or drink spills require the vehicle to be cleaned, there will be an additional charge.

Please contact us as soon as you realize you have stuff left. All vehicles are cleaned at the end of the service, and any missing items are placed in the lost/found bag. We will gladly arrange a meeting with you to deliver the misplaced items. If items are determined to be missing, Union Limousine reserves the right to impose a delivery fee to return them. Union Limousine is not responsible for items left in vehicles that are lost or destroyed.

Yes, we have booster, child, and infant seats available. Some localities may charge a fee for this service. To learn more, please contact our Customer Care Team.

When making a reservation, you may examine the maximum luggage capacity of each vehicle class next to the suitcase icon or on our online fleet display (www.unionlimousine.com/fleets). The maximum number of passengers that each vehicle class may carry is also displayed. If the number of passengers and/or bags exceeds the maximum, you must upgrade the vehicle type or reserve another vehicle. This incurs additional fees, so please choose your vehicle wisely. In most cases, each customer is permitted to bring one medium-sized piece of luggage into the van.

Wi-Fi is available in the majority of our vehicles, however, it is not a fleet-wide feature. Although internet connectivity cannot be guaranteed, please request Wi-Fi in the "Special requests or additional service information" section.

Yes, each vehicle is properly licensed and insured.

Our vehicles include motor coaches, minibusses of various capacities, minivans, and autos. Please visit our fleet website at www.UnionLimousine.com/fleets/ for more information. We cannot guarantee specific vehicle models or colors because they are subject to availability.

An email with the chauffeur`s name and phone number is delivered at least one day before the service. If you wish to be greeted someplace else at the airport, you must contact the chauffeur directly or contact our Customer Care Team and provide them with your confirmation number. Your driver will be instantly directed to the agreed-upon location.

Our chauffeurs greet customers inside the airport at the exit following baggage claim with a personalized pickup name board. The driver of the New York City limo service will be waiting at the closest designated passenger pickup area at cruise ports, bus terminals, and other public transit hubs. The driver will be waiting outside the car with a pickup nameboard for you.

Yes, Union Limousine`s expert event team will organize and manage all ground transportation arrangements for your VIP services or events anywhere in the United States. Allow us to handle the planning, implementation, and on-site coordination so you can focus on enjoying your event. Contact our team by email at [email protected].

Union Limousine, being a premium limousine service provider, provides free meet-and-greet service.

Yes, our vehicles can be reserved by the hour, and the charge is determined by the vehicle`s size and model. For the hourly service, we require a minimum of three hours.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience.

No, as a premium limousine service company, we are available to you seven days a week, 365 days a year.