Hourly Limousine

Hourly Limousine


Booking Hourly Limo Service in NYC is Easier with Union Limousine


Do you want to get your hands on the best hourly limo service in NYC? If yes, then you are on the right page as Union Limousine is no ordinary car service but a luxury one yet we offer hourly packages and per-hour rates for all of our fleet bookings. Thus, getting a taste of luxury and elevating your class in front of all is as easy as eating a cake, you just have to buy it. Similarly, you will only have to tell your specific requirements and hours you will require our services and then we will mold the best package for you. It will not only suit your style statement and aesthetic but also your budget and pocket.


Events to Book Our Hourly Limo Service in NYC for


We call our luxury hourly limo service in NYC inclusive for a reason as we offer customizable packages with a wide range of vehicle choices for all of the following events:


Wedding or Bachelorette

If you want to make a grand entrance at your wedding with your would-be spouse, what is better than booking our luxury stretch wedding limousines? This way you will not only have the most stylish ride but will also have a relaxing moment before your big and busy event. Similarly, bachelorette or bachelor parties demand a luxury transportation booking because when you are planning everything classy, why would you want to miss out on a comfortable ride?


Birthday Parties (Sweet 16)

Whether it is your sweet 16 celebrations or fantastic 15, we got you covered with the utmost professional and luxury chauffeur service accompanied by hourly limo service in NYC. Absolutely, you will get top-quality experience with the assurance of both safety and security.


Graduation Party

Want to celebrate your graduation party with your friends and families at its best? Then you must reserve our highly maintained vehicles with all the fun and refreshments facilities for you. In addition to that, you can have an after-party and get a night tour of the city of lights to explore its beauty to its fullest. This is how you will make ever-lasting memories of your youth that you can hold on to later and yes, Union Limousine would love to be a part of these cherishable memories.


Prom Party Made Better with Our Hourly Limo Service in NYC


From entering your prom party venue in style to leaving in comfort, our hourly limo service in NYC will cater to all your needs. Furthermore, you will get a highly maintained fleet with skillful chauffeurs driving it all around New York City. so, whether you are from Queens, Brooklyn, or Long Island, we will be there to give you the most seamless travel experience with budget-friendly rates.


Corporate Events


Just define your hours of corporate events or meetings and we will be there to serve you with utter punctuality and professionalism. You will not have to wait for us as we will be there on time and will maintain both class and confidentiality. So, opt for our hourly limousine service in NYC often.


Wine Tasting Tour


Sip on the finest wines and have a look at the beautiful wineries in New York City because who says the wine-tasting tours can only happen in California? NYC is no less than any other city and our company is also no ordinary transportation company. Because we are here to redefine luxury with style and elegance.


Airport Transfer


The to and from transfer of JFK, Newark, Westchester, and other airports in NYC are made feasible with our hourly limo service in NYC. Moreover, our chauffeurs will be there to help you with your luggage and will be there waiting for you 15 minutes before the said time.


Point-to-Point Travel


To move from one point to another, you would not have to take any ordinary taxi=i when we are here to serve you with glamor and class. So, roam around this beautiful city in a chic manner with a fleet of your choice that suits your pocket as we have all of these charging for hourly rates. 


Union Limousine - An Excellent Luxury Travel Partner for All Clients!


Amazing and Outstanding service is one of the many words that define our customer service and yes, we are available for all our client’s needs. So, just state them and we will be there to cater to all your luxury travel requirements. For more, you should visit our website and select the tab Make a reservation to reserve your slots as early as possible because who would want to miss out on hourly limo service in NYC like ours? Other than that, you can always get a quote and mention all your requirements which can make your travel more enjoyable because we believe in flexibility and delivering only the best rates. 


Book an Out of the World Luxury Travel Experience with Union Limousine Today!





Q: How does Union Limousine make booking hourly limo service in NYC easier?

A: Explore the features and benefits that make the process of booking hourly limo service with Union Limousine seamless and convenient.


Q: What sets Union Limousine apart as a luxury car service for hourly packages in NYC?

A: Understand the unique selling points and qualities that differentiate Union Limousine from ordinary car services while offering hourly packages in NYC.


Q: How can customers customize their hourly limo service package with Union Limousine?

A: Learn about the flexibility provided by Union Limousine in tailoring packages based on specific requirements and the number of hours needed for their services.


Q: What events does Union Limousine`s hourly limo service cater to in NYC?

A: Discover the variety of events, including weddings, bachelorette parties, birthdays, graduations, proms, corporate events, wine-tasting tours, airport transfers, and point-to-point travel, for which Union Limousine offers its hourly services.


Q: How does Union Limousine enhance the wedding and bachelorette experience with its luxury stretch limousines?

A: Explore the details of how Union Limousine adds a touch of style and relaxation to wedding and bachelorette events with their luxury stretch limousines.


Q: What features make Union Limousine suitable for birthday parties, especially Sweet 16 celebrations?

A: Learn about the professional chauffeur service and luxury amenities provided by Union Limousine for birthday parties, ensuring both safety and security.


Q: How does Union Limousine contribute to memorable graduation parties in NYC?

A: Understand the offerings, including highly maintained vehicles, fun and refreshment facilities, and night tours, that make Union Limousine a part of unforgettable graduation party memories.


Q: What makes Union Limousine an ideal choice for prom parties in NYC?

A: Discover how Union Limousine`s hourly limo service caters to prom-goers, providing stylish entrances and comfortable exits with a well-maintained fleet and skilled chauffeurs.


Q: How does Union Limousine handle corporate events with its hourly limousine service in NYC?

A: Explore the punctuality, professionalism, and confidentiality maintained by Union Limousine to cater to corporate events and meetings with their hourly limo service.


Q: What makes Union Limousine a reliable choice for various travel needs, including airport transfers and point-to-point travel?

A: Learn about Union Limousine`s reliability in providing hourly limo service for airport transfers and point-to-point travel, ensuring a glamorous and classy experience throughout NYC