Prom Limousine

Prom Limousine


Book a Luxury Prom Limousine Service in NYC from Union Limousine


Want to party like a pro or want to have access to all the entertainment facilities during your travel? If yes, then our prom limousine service in NYC is the best deal for you to get all of the outstanding features with comfort and style. Enjoy all you want with your friends and make the best memories of your youth by arriving atrom party like stars.

One look at your entrance would be enough to make a classy image in the eyes of all your p on your prom day. So, why not explore what features you can get if you book a limousine from Union Limousine for your party? 


Explore the Best Features That You Will Get by Booking Our Prom Limousine Service in NYC


Whether you want our prom limousine service in NYC all by yourself and your date or for all your friends, it is all okay with us. Because we offer a wide range of useful features to entertain you throughout your travel with us you will be delighted. Following are the advantageous facilities we provide to all our clients who book a prom limousine through our company:


Inbuilt Flat Screen TV


What’s a party without a proper entertainment system, right? Therefore, we have equipped all our prom vehicles with all the latest tools to let you have all the fun. So, enjoy all you want by playing any movie or music video while you travel to your location as we will pick you up and let you choose your entertainment option freely.


Drinks and Refreshments on Demand


You can add in any type of drink or snacks for your travel, just mention whatever additional things you want and we will cater to all. Moreover, why stay idle when you can have a relaxing drink or some appetizing snack through our inclusive and flexible prom limousine service in NYC?


Music System with Latest Technology Speakers


What’s the use of a flat-screen TV without a proper sound system, right? This is why we got you the best sound system with all the latest speakers. Thus, you can play your favorite music of any genre because who is there to judge? Furthermore, you will be fully secure and safe during your travel with us on the roads of New York City.


Suited Professional Chauffeurs at Your Service


Like movies, a professional chauffeur in proper attire and manners will be there to assist you all along your journey. Additionally, they are all so well-trained that when they will be driving our highly-maintained fleets, you will not be aware of any traffic or road jits because the travel would be seamless.


Comfortable Seating and Spacious Vehicles to Fit in All Your Prom Dresses


We all know that a prom dress comes in different styles and different sizes so, why not book our prom limousine service in New York City to fit them all? Yes, we have more than enough space to book all your tasteful dresses and let them be crease-free all along your travel towards your prom party location.


Union Limousine - A Perfect Choice to Book Prom Limousine Service in NYC


Our company takes pride in our high-quality party limousine services and convenient booking experience available for all our clients. Just open our website and you will find the tabs to either reserve your slot or you can also discuss all your requirements and get a quote from the other tab for a flexible package today!





Q: What features does Union Limousine offer with its prom limousine service in NYC?

Union Limousine provides a range of features for an entertaining and stylish travel experience during your prom. This includes inbuilt flat-screen TVs, a music system with the latest technology speakers, and the option to request drinks and refreshments.


Q: Can I book a prom limousine for just myself and my date, or is it suitable for a group of friends?

Union Limousine accommodates both individual bookings for couples and group reservations for friends. The service is flexible to meet the needs of various party sizes.


Q: What entertainment options are available inside the prom limousines?

A: Prom limousines from Union Limousine are equipped with inbuilt flat-screen TVs, providing the option to play movies or music videos. The vehicles also feature a high-quality music system with the latest speakers for a complete entertainment experience.


Q: How can I customize the drinks and refreshments during the prom limousine service?

A: Clients can customize their drinks and refreshments by specifying their preferences when booking the prom limousine service. Union Limousine caters to individual requests, ensuring a personalized experience.


Q: Are the chauffeurs professionally trained, and what attire do they wear?

A: Union Limousine ensures professionalism by having chauffeurs who are well-trained and dressed in proper attire. The chauffeurs are suited professionals with excellent manners, providing a seamless and safe travel experience.


Q: Is there a proper sound system in the prom limousines?

A: Yes, Union Limousine`s prom limousines are equipped with a high-quality sound system featuring the latest technology speakers. Clients can play their favorite music genres during the trip.


Q: How spacious are the vehicles to accommodate prom dresses of different styles and sizes?

A: Union Limousine provides spacious vehicles to accommodate prom dresses of various styles and sizes. The prom limousines are designed to ensure that dresses remain crease-free during the journey.


Q: Can I discuss my requirements and get a quote before booking the prom limousine service?

A: Yes, clients have the option to discuss their requirements and get a quote for a flexible package before booking the prom limousine service. Union Limousine aims to provide high-quality customer service and a convenient booking experience.


Q: How can I reserve a slot for the prom limousine service with Union Limousine?

A: Reserving a slot for the prom limousine service with Union Limousine is easy and can be done through the official website. Clients can use the online reservation system to customize their journey, choose a vehicle, and set preferences effortlessly.